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Management and Leadership


Licensee / Approved Provider

Malcolm and Laurie along with their family are passionate about the value of high-quality early childhood education and care and are very proud to present their centre as a warm and welcoming environment in which children and their families can feel safe and secure.  They believe their staff are of the very highest quality and that parents should be confident when they leave their children that they are in a professional, well run and maintained centre.  They believe that learning takes place naturally where children feel comfortable and supported and it is their aim to uphold that philosophy.

Operations Manager / Nominated Supervisor

Marni joined Carina Heights Child Care and Development in 2013 after previously working at Prior Street Child Care and Development since 2007.  She holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood, a Diploma of Children’s Services as well as Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment. She also holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s services and a Certified Supervisor certificate.

In her role of Nominated supervisor Marni works in collaboration with her colleagues and management team, to create a fun filled, educational environment of the highest standard. As a Nominated Supervisor she is open to change and ongoing learning and is committed to quality improvement not just for herself but for the whole centre.

​Working closely with the service’s Educational Leader Marni aims  to help guide and support her colleagues in matters relating to programming and the learning environment. Having many years’ experience as a lead educator and mentor in long day care and involvement in the children’s services training industry, Marni is skilled in motivating others, introducing and developing new initiatives and assisting the rest of management team to disseminate information about current legislation, curriculum guides and policies.

Her aim is to work collaboratively with staff, families and the community to produce the best possible outcomes for all children and to create a learning community where individuals are valued and empowered to take ownership of their learning journey.

Director / Nominated Supervisor (Parental leave cover)

Kim started her childcare career in long day care in 2015, as an assistant in the Kindergarten room. She continued her career progression taking on the Assistant Director position along with running her own room. During the role of Assistant Director Kim built positive working relationships with the children, families and staff in her Centre.

In 2017 Kim moved to the Outside School Hours sector taking on the Coordinator position. Whilst Kim enjoyed the learning experience that the OSHC setting provides, Kim found that her passion is within the long day care sector.

Kim is excited to be moving back into long day care and is looking forward to developing reciprocal and respectful relationships with the families and children within the service.

During Kim’s time in child care, she shares her passion and enthusiasm for quality care with her team. Kim is always open to feedback and suggestions on ways to improve herself, her team and the centre so that we are providing the highest level of care possible.

Kim is currently studying her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, is first aid & CPR qualified.


Aqua Room

Bonnie is the Lead Educator in the Aqua Room Monday to Friday. She is also the Educational Leader for our centre. Bonnie’s early childhood experience began in 2002, while she commenced at Carina Heights Child Care & Development in early 2013. She really enjoys being a part of the Carina Heights community, working alongside wonderful educators and families. Bonnie has worked with children of various ages across different child care settings. Why is early childhood her chosen profession? She enjoys being apart of the special process and development of each child’s early learning stages. She enjoys helping to provide each child with a safe and secure environment, with fun ways of learning as they grow through life.  Bonnie holds both a Certificate 3 in Children’s services and a Diploma in Children’s services. She is also a Certified Supervisor. Bonnie is currently studying an Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management.
Joy is the Assistant Educator in the Aqua Room Monday to Friday. Joy joined the Carina Heights Child Care & Development  community in 2011 as a relief educator, having worked in various roles throughout the industry since 2005. Since then she has worked in each room of the centre with all of the age groups in a relief and support capacity. Joy speaks some Cantonese and Pidgin, she was born in the Solomon Islands but completed her schooling and tertiary studies in Brisbane. She holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of International Business & Accountancy. Joy has two little boys of her own so she knows how important it is to build trusting relationships with families to ensure continuity of care. She is passionate about her role as an educator and is keen to help every child learn and grow.  She is looking forward to caring for your child and giving them happy memories of Carina Heights Child Care & Development.

Blue Room

Jade is the Lead Educator in the Blue Room Monday to Friday. Jade began working in Early childhood in 2012 after studying her Cert 3+4 in Children’s Services in Perth. Jade has more than five years experience working with children of all ages and recently completed her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Jade believes the creation of a nurturing environment is important, as is implementing an emergent curriculum based on each child’s current interests. She advocates play-based learning and places importance on working in partnership with families and communities.
Kylie  is one of the Assistant educator in the Blue Room working Monday to Friday, Kylie  began working in early childhood  in January 2016 with us at Carina Heights Child Care and Development. Kylie is currently studying for a Diploma in Children’s Services. During her time at CHCCD Kylie has enjoyed working with children of all ages across the centre. Kylie believes that children are products of their environment and are influenced majorly by who they are surrounded by in their early years. She believes it is essential to create a positive and educational environment to lead them in the right direction to be able to conquer the world! Kylie is grateful to be able to influence the children and help them take their first steps.

Valecia (Currently on Maternity Leave) is on of the Assistant Educators in the Blue Room working Monday to Friday. Valecia is very familiar with the Early Years Learning Framework and children are her passion. She has been working in early childhood since 2005, spending nine years in the one centre. During this time, she gained experience as an assistant educator, lead educator and director before joining the CHCCD community in 2015. She holds a Diploma of Children’s Services and a Certified Supervisor certificate. Valecia finds it rewarding to see children grow and learn every day and is very excited about helping them become the best version of themselves. She loves seeing children have fun in a stimulating environment that can be enjoyed by all. She looks forward to getting to know the children and families of the Blue Room.

Yellow Room

Leah is the Lead educator in the Yellow Room. Leah joined Carina Heights Child Care & Development in 2004. Before this she worked as a teachers’ aide in the state school system for four years. Initially joining Carina Heights as a float (working between rooms), her skills and professionalism were recognised so since 2008 has taken on full time roles as both assistant and lead educators in various rooms across our centre. Leah holds both a Diploma and Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and a Certified Supervisor certificate. She enjoys this age group and believes one of her roles is to ensure the children are happy and healthy. Leah wants the children to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging in the room; whilst encouraging the children to explore the environment and provide lots of interesting play based activities. As a mother herself, Leah is always mindful of how important the task of caring for someone else’s children really is. She is dedicated to providing quality care for the children in her room.
Songei (Song) is one of the Assistant Educators in the Yellow Room. Song was born in South Korea, joined our sister centre Prior Street Child Care and Development in August 2015. After completing a Diploma in Children’s Services Song joined Carina Heights Child Care and Development in 2017. Song has a passion for traveling and learning new cultures. Sharing her experiences with children is important to her, as she believes that children learn to interact through others, by relating to our various emotions and feelings. Presenting empathy, respect and a caring attitude is something Song prides herself in. As Song has a passion for teaching, she also holds a Diploma of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a Secondary Teacher Certificate in Computer and information Engineering  (South Korea)
Christina is one of the Assistant Educators in the Yellow Room working Monday and Tuesday. Christina has been involved with Carina Heights Child Care and Development since 2008 when she completed her vocational placement during her Diploma studies. She has spent most of her time at CHCCD as a Lead educator with children in our Yellow, Blue and Aqua rooms. Christina who holds a Diploma of Children’s Studies and a Certified Supervisor certificate has a strong passion for working with children. She believes that every child and family is unique and she strives to create a warm, friendly and accommodating environment where children are free to explore and build on their curiosity and interests. Christina looks forward to meeting all the special children and families who will come through her room in the coming years.
​Katie is one of the Assistant Educators in the Yellow Room. Katie joined Carina Heights Child Care & Development in 2016, she enjoys working with the younger children as it is a beautiful time to see them build attachments. Katie grew up in a small country town in NSW, known as West Wyalong; once her schooling was complete she moved away, travelling around Australia and overseas. She has decided to settle in Brisbane, marrying in 2015. Katie has worked in Early Childhood since 2013, holding both a Diploma & Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and a Certified Supervisor certificate. Katie hopes to provide a stimulating environment that reflects current pedagogical and theoretical practices & knowledge by implementing multi-modal approaches to learning that ensure inclusivity. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the cinema, listening to music & belly dancing! She looks forward to getting to know your family.

Green Room

Julie is one of the Lead Educators working in the Green room on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Julie has been working at Carina Heights Child Care & Development since 1999; she holds a Diploma of Child Care and Education as well as being a Certified Supervisor and has numerous years’ experience as an Assistant Director therefore you may also see her relieving in the office from time to time. Julie takes pride in her work as an early childhood educator, reflecting all aspects of the curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework within the daily program. Julies own three children have also attend the centre. She has a bright and bubbly personality that helps children to develop a positive and enthusiastic interest in learning, leading to many enjoyable fun filled days!
​Tammy works as both a Lead Educator on Thursday and Friday and an Assistant Educator on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Green Room. Tammy joined Carina Heights Child Care & Development in 2018 after previously working at our sister service, Prior Street Child Care and Development from 2010 till 2017 as a Lead Educator. In between working at Prior Street and here with us at Carina Heights Tammy spent  2 years travelling and working as a nanny  working out of London as a base. Tammy has a Diploma of Children’s Services and a Certified Supervisor certificate. Tammy enjoys watching the children grow and develop and support each child to reach their fullest potential.

Chiu-Fen is one of the Assistant Educators working in the Green Room on Thursdays and Fridays. Chiu-Fen joined the CHCCD team in 2017 and has since become a critical member of our team.  She completed a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in 2016 with an award of Academic Excellence from QLD TAFE. She was a registered primary teacher and dietitian in Taiwan back in 1990s then married an Australian and migrated to Brisbane in 1997. She has been teaching Chinese at a school in Brisbane since 2004. Chiu-fen has experience working in family day care, after school care and within long day care. With experience in working with children of different ages, Chiu-Fen understands the importance of caring for them in a wholistic way. Chiu-fen strives to acknowledge each child’s unique individual physical, mental and emotional development stages as well as their strengths, interests, and cultural background.

Red Room

Puneet is our Kindergarten Teacher. Puneet joined CHCCD in 2018 with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) that she completed in 2014 at Southern Cross University and a Diploma of Children’s which she finished in 2008. Puneet holds full registration with the Queensland College of Teachers and has a firm understanding of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework. Puneet has over 9 years of experience working  in early childhood education and care having taught in a variety of children’s learning environments; including  family day care, long day care, Preschool and  School practicums in Primary School settings (Kindergarten to Year 6) in both NSW and QLD. In her classroom, the emphasis is placed in building strong, supportive relationships with all the children and their respective families and encouraging meaningful interactions as this approach is renowned for promoting positive learning and development outcomes. Puneet supports the children to achieve personal developmental goals across communication, social, emotional, physical and intellectual domains by providing learning experiences based on the children’s emerging needs, interests and talents and by implementing flexible teaching strategies that excite and motivate the children to learn. She understands the importance of having respect and sensitivity to diverse religious and cultural backgrounds and the significance of integrating these into learning experiences. Puneet  has a clear focus on encouraging children’s literacy and numeracy development, but above all she is passionate about life-long learning and strives to be a positive role model for the children in this way. She welcomes open communication and the opportunity to learn and grow from the diverse knowledge, understandings and skills provided by each child, their families, professional colleagues and peers within the community.
Oliver is the Assistant Educator in the Red Room Monday to Friday.  joined the CHCCD team in 2017 as a relief educator, although his interest and study of Early Years Education commenced long before, in 2012. Oliver has experience working across all age groups from babies to the kindergarten year and he was thrilled to accept the opportunity to join the kindergarten room in 2018 as support educator. Oliver shares a similar approach to Early Years Education as Puneet regarding the importance of building supportive, secure relationships with children. Oliver also has a particular interest in supporting children’s physical development and skills and has a keen interest in nature and sustainability. He offers a positive male influence and presence as a young, outgoing Early Childhood educator and he looks forward to making meaningful connections with the kindergarten children and co-creating stimulating learning experiences.

Support Staff

Rozi started at Carina Heights Child Care & Development in March 2011 and since then has been a float staff member in the blue room. She has completed  a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. Rozi also covers casual shifts in the afternoon in various rooms across the centre. She came to Carina Heights with over 12 years’ experience in the child care industry demonstrating amazing commitment running the creche at Fitness First Carindale. Still in this position, this important community connection ensures that children and families are familiar with Rozi in both settings. Rozi is a mother and grandmother and is a true believer in the saying that ‘a smile doesn’t cost a thing’. She adores the smiley faces that greet her each day and believes that there is a wealth of things that adults and children can learn from each other.
Ivy offers wonderful support to our educators right across all rooms of the centre.  She joined Carina Heights Child Care & Development in 2009 shortly after completing a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.  Prior to coming to live in Australia Ivy worked as an art teacher in Taiwan. Ivy really enjoys her work in the early years.

Sheela (Currently on Maternity Leave)  joined Carina Heights Childcare and Development in July 2016. Prior to this she was working as a volunteer and casual educators and outside school hours’ care assistant for a span of 6 months. She has been living with her family in Australia for 7 years and has successfully completed a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. Sheela believes that through kindness and gentle guidance, she can encourage children in her care to be the best they can be. Further she believes her job is to nature children emotional, whilst encouraging their learning in all areas of development.

Annie is one of our versatile assistant Educators. Annie who is originally from Ireland holds a Diploma in Childcare and a Certificate for Classroom Assistants and a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. She worked in the child care sector for three years in Ireland before relocating to Australia in 2008 where she then worked with a relief staff agency for two years. During these two years with the agency she gained valuable experience and knowledge of the child care sector in Australia. Annie joined the Carina Heights Child Care & Development team in 2010 and now has experience working across various ages. Annie has two boys who both attended the centre, so as a mum herself she understands how precious each child is. She enjoys playing an important and active role in children’s learning.

Jordan is the Assistant float in the Aqua Room Monday to Friday. Jordan’s early childhood experience began in 2012, whilst he commenced at Carina Heights Child Care & Development in early 2013. He really enjoys being a part of the Carina Heights community, working alongside wonderful educators and families. Jordan has worked with children of various ages throughout our CHCCD centre. He believes that every child and family is unique, and he strives to create a warm and welcoming environment where children can learn and are free to explore and build on their curiosity and interests. Jordan holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s services. Jordan holds current certificates in First Aid CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma training as well as the certified Blue Card



Paula joined the Carina Heights team in 2017, bringing over 30 years experience working in early childhood. Paula holds a Certificate 3 in Child Care and a Food Safety Supervisor qualification. Paula was instrumental in developing a nutritious menu – offering to the children (birth to school age) food reflective of a diverse variety of flavours, textures, smells and colours.




Bronwyn has been at Carina Heights Child Care & Development since 2009 as one of our lovely admin girls. She not only holds Certificates in Office Management and  International Cash Management, but has also achieved a Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Primary School Teacher Aide. Bronwyn feels that this gives her the best of both worlds, getting to use all her skills and knowledge in our centre where she can build a rapport with the children and their families – making them feel at ease as soon as they enter the centre. Bronwyn is also a qualified Justice Of The Peace.

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